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For two years running (2017, 2018), The Alchemist has achieved a place in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to work for list….

We take our people and their ambitions seriously. We invest in helping them fulfil their potential and in creating the best possible working environments. We encourage them to connect with their local communities and we recognise that many of them want to actively help good causes and charity initiatives*. But we also recognise that it’s not always that easy to take the time out to do it.

So, instead of donating to, or raising money for charities like many companies do to very good effect, we decided to create a new initiative donating a currency as powerful as cash, gem stones or gold – the currency of kindness paid in time.

Each one of our locations has selected a charity partner and every month our Alchemists will be able to take time off to volunteer without being financially penalized. We’ll pay for their time and ensure there is cover in place to fill in for them.

It’s a simple idea – we give our staff the freedom to give something back to the community and we are all winners. As a company, we’re investing in our neighborhood’s, charity projects are getting access to committed individuals who want to make a difference, and our teams get to volunteer in work time whilst getting paid.

We’re Alchemists. We do things differently.

* The 2013 Millennial Impact Report revealed that 73% of millennials surveyed volunteered for a non‐profit in 2012. Millennials want to give more than a simple cash sum – they want to contribute more because they become emotionally invested in the cause.

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