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Longitude & Latitude


Spinningfields Manchester

In the 19th Century, Spinningfields was described as a “den of iniquity, teeming with opium dens, gin palaces and alehouses”. An apt birthplace for the original Alchemist.

New York Street

New York Street Manchester

In Victorian times the area around New York Street was a highly desirable residential location, with the magnificent Portico Library and Royal Manchester Institution just a stone’s throw away.


Trinity Leeds

Safely ensconced on the second floor of the Trinity shopping centre, this somewhat unorthodox Alchemist provides some cocktail therapy when you need respite from the bustling shops

Bevis Marks

Bevis Marks London

As home to solicitor Sampson Brass in Dickens’ Old Curiosity Shop, Bevis Marks naturally attracted our curiosity as a home for The Alchemist.

Greek Street

Greek Street Leeds

There’s something about Leeds that calls out to us as a natural location for The Alchemist. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the home of the Royal Armouries and we like the sound of clashing metal?

Brunswick St

Brunswick St Liverpool

Back in 1907 Walter Dixon Scott wrote of Liverpool, “this strange territory seems, indeed, to form a kind of fifth element, a place charged with daemonic issues and daemonic silences”. A fitting location, therefore, for an Alchemist.

Colmore Row

Colmore Row Birmingham

Once famed as a 'city of a thousand trades', we’ve decided to make Birmingham the ‘city of a thousand cocktails’, setting up shop on one of the best-preserved 19th century streetscapes in the country, Colmore Row. .

London Road

London Road Alderley Edge

The history of Alderley Edge is rich with myths, legends of druids, wizards and witches. It provided the backdrop to Alan Garner’s famous book, “The Weirdstone of Brasingamen”.

Eldon Square

Eldon Square Newcastle

Newcastle was the frontier of the Roman world, mixing civilisation with the dangerous and exotic lands beyond.

St John Street

St John Street Chester

Chester, founded as a Roman fortress and rich in all the mystery and mythology that goes with it, just had to be the perfect location for our own very special brand of molecular mixology and devilishly delicious menus.

MediaCity UK

MediaCity UK Manchester

MediaCity UK stands tall and proud alongside the historic Manchester Ship Canal, the ever-flowing artery that’s carried the lifeblood of the city since it was right at the heart of the industrial revolution.


Westgate Oxford

Here, amongst the historic dreaming spires, you’ll find us ensconced in the rather more contemporary Westgate Centre. A location described as a meeting between bold, daring architecture and innovative design and technology.

King Street

King Street Nottingham

Coming early 2018!