Currency of Kindness Currency of Kindness

Currency of Kindness


Alchemy means making amazing transformations; we usually do it with cocktails but we also think there are other ways to make a difference. And that’s the ethos behind our new initiative – Currency of Kindness.

Quite simply we are giving our staff the freedom to donate their time to support the local community by paying them to take time off work to volunteer for partner charities in all our locations. From supporting youth projects, helping the homeless or simply doing someone’s shopping, it’s about sharing skills, experience and, most importantly, time.

Each one of our locations has selected a charity partner and every month our Alchemists will be able to take time off to volunteer without being financially penalised. We’ll pay for their time and ensure there is cover in place to fill in for them.

It’s a simple idea – we give our staff the freedom to give something back to the community and we are all winners. As a company, we’re investing in our neighbourhood’s, charity projects are getting access to committed individuals who want to make a difference, and our teams get to volunteer in work time whilst getting paid.

We’re Alchemists.  We do things differently.

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